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The Southwest team at GSD&M brings it BIG, but that doesn‘t mean they can‘t be in the palm of your hand.

Behind these pixels, you‘ll find their contact information and their faces (not actual size), in case you ever need to get ahold of them.

Photo of Marianne Malina

Marianne Malina

Photo of Amy Lyon

Amy Lyon

Photo of Coley Platt

Coley Platt

Photo of Drew Widell

Drew Widell

Photo of Jodi Bucciarelli

Jodi Bucciarelli

Photo of Sara Scott

Sara Scott

Photo of Andi Chirco

Andi Chirco

Photo of Kay Degenhart

Kay Degenhart

Photo of David Crawford

David Crawford

Photo of Bill Bayne

Bill Bayne

Photo of Bill Marceau

Bill Marceau

Photo of Bryan Pudder

Bryan Pudder

Photo of David Parson

David Parson

Photo of Ellen Springer

Ellen Springer

Photo of Rusty Broome

Rusty Broome

Photo of Dale Austin

Dale Austin

Photo of Brandon Curl

Brandon Curl

Photo of Tyler Schultz

Tyler Schultz

Photo of Jon Miller

Jon Miller

Photo of Marc Ferrino

Marc Ferrino

Photo of Maria D’Amato

Maria D’Amato

Photo of Liz Hamel

Liz Hamel

Strategy and Insights/Project Management icon Strategy and Insights/ Project Management

Photo of Madhavi Reese

Madhavi Reese

Photo of Kanika Pendergrass

Kanika Pendergrass

Photo of Lisa Canfield

Lisa Canfield

Photo of Adriane Weast

Adriane Weast

Photo of Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson

Photo of Leigh Ann Proctor

Leigh Ann Proctor

Photo of Jessica Spruill

Jessica Spruill

Photo of Tommy White

Tommy White

Photo of Danielle Ivicic

Danielle Ivicic

Photo of Laurie Pascoe

Laurie Pascoe

Photo of Kate Sanel

Kate Sanel